Safeguarding Policy and Screening Process - Ubercare

Safeguarding Policy and Screening Process

Safeguarding Policy

Ubercare believes quality care shouldn’t be difficult to obtain. We conduct due diligence to ensure our registered Ubercarers comply with legislative requirements, share our values and perform their job safely and professionally.

To ensure the safety of those who use our App, Ubercare:

  • Screens all Ubercarers prior to activating them on our system, including:
  • Conducts a phone interview involving screening behavioural questions related to the care industry, in which an Ubercarer has the opportunity to demonstrate their skill set, knowledge and confidence; and
  • Meets each careworker face-to-face (or via Skype) to ensure they understand the role of an Ubercarer and how to use the App.  This is an opportunity for carers to expand their skill set, knowledge and motivation.
  • Checks and stores copies of eligible care qualifications, plus any other relevant training, such as:
  • Certificate III in Individual Support
  • Certificate III or IV in Aged Care
  • Certificate III or IV in Disability
  • Certificate III or IV in Home and Community Care
  • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
  • Certificate III in Community Services (if has relevant experience in aged or disability care)
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Certificate IV in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing

Qualifications must have been obtained within the last 12 months or, if an older qualification, a candidate must be able to demonstrate they have maintained their skills by holding employment in the care industry.

  • Checks and stores mandatory competencies certificates (First Aid, Manual Handling and CPR), with First Aid to be updated every 3 years and Manual Handling and CPR to be updated every 1 year;
  • Requires valid police checks* and/or other relevant screening from Ubercarers; with each to be updated every 3 years and Ubercare to receive notification immediately if they are charged with, or are convicted of any criminal offence;
  • Records previous employment information and passport or driver’s licence details.
  • Conducts reference checking to ensure the Ubercarer has demonstrated the required skills and experience to work in the care industry;
  • Has system notifications in place that ensure the currency of all certificates, police checks and screenings, including automatic deactivation of the Ubercarer should such checks reach expiration;
  • Ensures insurance is in place for each care visit;
  • Has GPS tracking built into the App, allowing us to check in on the whereabouts of Ubercarers and confirm their travel history;
  • Requests a rating (out of 5 stars) from each client after a care session, with Ubercare able to remove any Ubercarer should they fall below a 3 star rating;
  • Has an incident reporting form available 24/7 within the App, followed by an incident investigation procedure; ensuring adherence to to all mandatory reporting and insurance requirements; and
  • Offers after hours phone and email support.

Ubercare’s Care Services Administration team perform regular spot checks on all active Ubercarers, which includes contacting previous employers or clients in regards to specific conduct and behaviour at the workplace.

In the event that an Ubercarer is reported to be unsuitable, we have a termination policy in place.

Ubercare will act on all reports of abusive and/or grooming behavior and has an obligation to investigate the allegation as well as report it to the police and other relevant authorities.

In cases of emergencies, Ubercare may deactivate either carers or clients at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ubercare by phone on 1300 120 999 or email

*Police Checks

A valid police check is obtained through the Australian Federal Police or an approved Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (formerly CrimTrac) agency. In South Australia, we can also accept Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) National Criminal History Record Check and Screening Assessment for Aged Care.

Quality Improvement

Ubercare undertakes regular monitoring and review of procedures and guidelines within a quality improvement framework. We link Ubercarers with ongoing professional development, information, training and education opportunities.

Ubercare upholds a positive culture of supporting the rights and status of all individuals and respecting their right to exercise choice.