Insured Support - Ubercare - Qualified Careworkers At Short Notice


Ubercare Insurances

Insured support is critical in the care industry. Ubercare has worked with ANSVAR Insurance and Guardian to arrange cover for all its Ubercarers when providing services via the App.

The insurance cover includes:

  1. General Products & Public Liability (view certificate of currency) (view Product Disclosure Statement)
  2. Professional Indemnity (view certificate of currency) (view Product Disclosure Statement)
  3. Sexual Abuse (view certificate of currency)

Based on the terms and conditions of the above policies, this insurance covers an Ubercarer in the event a claim occurs against them while providing services via the Ubercare App.

Please note, Ubercare staff are not qualified to give insurance advice.

If you are unable to find the answer to your insurance queries in the above documents, please contact Natalie Basford from Guardian on (08) 8238 0100.